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As described in one of my previous posts, environmentally-friendly funerals are increasingly gaining popularity. Interestingly, not all modern funerals in the western world involve disposing of the body by conventional means, such as cremation or full body burial. A method which has recently gained increased public awareness is promession, i.e. freeze-drying the human remains prior to disposal. The method allows the body to become a nutrient-rich fertiliser, allowing the life cycle to progress naturally.

The method is relatively straight-forward, involving 5 key stages: (a video demonstrating the process can be watched here:
1. Coffin separation: the body is removed from the coffin and placed in a chamber of the Promator machine.
2. Cryogenic freezing: liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius is used to freeze the body, in effect turning it into a human crystal.
3. Vibration: the body gets disintegrated into fine particles by means of shaking it in the cha…

Mass Bird Deaths - An Unexplained Phenomenon

An unusual phenomenon has been observed in various parts of the world, which has recently been ocurring more regularly. Flocks of flying birds suddenly appear to loose control and fall to the ground. While this has occurred with a variety of bird species, it appears to be most common with crows and blackbirds.

While most of the birds die after taking the fall, some survive but are usually not strong enough to pick themselves up and fly away. Some witnesses of these events reported that the surviving birds appeared to be paralysed, being too weak to stand, even when pedestrians attempted to help them. The most recent event to date was observed at the end of January this year in Italy, Europe, and Draper, US. The bodies of many of the fallen birds had been flattened.

Environmental experts had been investigating the phenomenon, however, without reaching a conclusive explanation. Presented possibile causes include contagious disease, effects of a toxic chemical or poison, or even in some …


Euthanasia is a very controversial issue. It is often described as compassionate killing, or an act of causing death for the benefit of a suffering person. The original Greek word, euthanos, means easy death. While human euthanasia is legal in some countries including Canada, Netherlands, Belgium and Colombia, in most other places it is considered illegal, although assisted suicide is more widely accepted. In the UK neither is legal.

Although similar, there is a difference between the act of assisted suicide and euthanasia. Euthanasia involves action or deliberate lack of it, with the intention of causing death. For example, it might involve a lethal injection or withholding food from a terminally ill person who is unable to feed themselves. Meanwhile, assisted suicide involves providing an indirect means of death for the sufferer, as per their request, such as giving out too much prescription medication, which would allow for an overdose.

While by definition the law of euthanasia is …