Promiscuity and Infidelity

I would like to dedicate this post to the man who made me realise that love no longer exists. A brief message to him is as follows: If you ever happen to come across this post, you know I'm talking about you, but the purpose is not to blame you or judge you for seducing countless women with your lies. I wish you could realise that the more you do it, the more likely you are to destroy your own life. The point is that all actions have their consequences.

As the title says, in this post I would like to talk about the potential deadliness of promiscuity (i.e. unsafe or excessive sexual behaviour, in case someone isn't sure). There exists undeniable proof that having multiple partners dramatically increases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and cancer. And it is not only intercourse which can cause STDs, but also oral sex and even just touching each other can transmit harmful bacteria and viruses. But that's not the whole story. Studies have shown that engaging in such behaviours can also seriously affect the individuals' mental health, decreasing their chances of having a successful, healthy long-term relationship and contributing to depression, which often ends in suicide. It is a high-risk behaviour, with effects similar to those of engaging in gambling and addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you don't believe me, just google any respectable medical website or check in scientific papers. The proof is there, and the same goes for both males and females.

Here I would like to mention some of the most gruesome and painful ways of dying from promiscuous behaviours. The first one is obviously murder for infidelity. While it is common for relationships to break up due to a partner cheating, things can easily escalate to murder. There are countless documented cases of an angry person killing their partner for cheating. One of the most gruesome cases was the 2004 murder carried out by Melanie McGuire, a nurse who shot her cheating husband in the head and chest, before draining his body of blood and dismembering it. She then placed his body parts in garbage bags and threw them into a nearby estuary. Things can also take the opposite turn when a cheating partner decides to murder their mate, often for the purpose of obtaining life insurance. Moreover, the innocent party can often be driven to suicide caused by the mental anguish of betrayal. Indeed, very sadly, an innocent person often ends up having to bear the consequences of the irresponsible actions of someone else.

Another unpleasant possible extreme consequence of unsafe sexual behaviour is the risk of contracting syphilis, among other diseases. Syphilis, left untreated or in case of being combined with HIV, is especially unpleasant as it starts off with ulcers, but as its stages progress over time, a rash begins to occur, followed by non-cancerous growths on the skin, hair loss, infected central nervous system and/or cardiovascular syphilis. Infected central nervous system may result in difficulties with movement and may even lead to paralysis, as well as mental illnesses and dementia. Permanent blindness may also occur, and of course death in the worst-case scenario. Furthermore, the disease may be transmitted through pregnancy to an unborn child, often causing deformities in the baby. Sufferers of syphilis could be noticed from afar during the reneissance period, as their flesh would often be falling off, and especially their noses would appear to be missing.

Nevertheless, syphilis is not the only STD which may have horrifying effects. There is also hepatatis, a virus which impairs liver function, and may eventually lead do death. While some types of hepatitis can be cured, there is no cure for chronic hepatitis B, which can result in scarring of the liver or liver cancer. The treatment currently available can only prolong life without completely getting rid of the virus. Another disease, although still often cureable, is gonorrhoea, which causes much genital discomfort. Nonetheless, it is becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics, and one day there may be no cure. However, the worst, and probably most well known, STD is AIDS caused by the HIV virus. This disease cannot be cured and results in severe damage to the immune system, and even if medication is taken continually, eventual death is inevitable in the end.

I am aware that the viewpoint I presented above is exclusively critical of promiscuous behaviours and infidelity and there are many people out there who would disagree with me on these matters. So I just wanted to clarify that the aim of this post was purely to be informative of the disadvantages of such behaviours, and it is not to criticise or judge anyone. I simply want to encourage people to respect their partners and stay safe for the sake of their own and their partners' wellbeing.


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